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You need more orders to grow your business and crush the competition. Unfortunately, you may still be stuck in the dark ages when it comes to the ordering process. Social Threads can help, and launch your screen printing business into the 21st century, lickety split!

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How can Social Threads turn up the volume on your orders?

Social Integration

When your customers are creating or selling items for an event, paper forms easily get lost or thrown aside. With Social Threads, your customers can share the order form link on their social media pages and email newsletters, and the participants can place an order immediately. They don't even need to hunt for a pen. Easy peasy.

Perfect Orders

Have you ever had to issue a refund because the information on the paper form was filled in with sloppy handwriting, or your team read the order wrong? Is it incredibly obvious that your customers did not use a calculator to submit totals? Social Threads does the math for you; giving you an overview of total items, breaking it down into sizes, colors, prices, and pink elephants if you like.

Cloud Hosted

Your storefront is backed by Microsoft Azure Cloud, which means your customers won't feel like they're handing over their payment information to Bubba and Jethro when a boatload of people place an order. No frozen screens, and scalable bandwidth to grow with your company.

Increase Sales

When ordering is moved from paper forms to an online form process, sales will increase. Cha-ching! Think about it; your paper order form is like a catalog. A cata-what? Yeah, sorry to go there. Paper order forms are as out-dated as the old-fashioned shopping catalog. Unless you're selling to a demographic who was born in the 1920's, it's time to embrace the online order form.

Custom Due Dates

Another problem with paper order forms? The due date. Once that date is printed on the form, that puppy is signed sealed and delivered. No going back now. Online forms? If the targeted number of orders is not received, you can easily adjust the due date to encourage more orders.

3 AM Purchases

Procrastinators welcome! They can place an order at 3am the morning before the due date with online order forms.

You need more orders.

You need happy customers.

You need to stop wrangling paperwork.

You need Social Threads.